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Art Upskill provides professional development workshops in visual art for primary and high school teachers. For primary teachers  workshops focus on an understanding of skills and techniques and then applying them to specific lesson ideas. The underpinning of  practical skills like drawing or colour mixing, give teachers the confidence they need to program lessons in the visual arts. For high school teachers, workshops are more targeted. Eg non toxic etching on copper.

With practical art skills teachers are able to open the door to the world of visual art.

Art education is now mandatory in all Australian primary schools. Art Upskill provides workshops providing hands on skills for teaching art.


All workshops are a combination of:

  • practical hands on skills
  • lesson plans using these skills
  • set up and classroom management for these lessons
  • cross curricular opportunities
  • materials including specific information on particular brands
  • discussion of ideas and other possible lessons
  • Participants receive a certificate of completion

Art Upskill

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