Shana James is an award winning West Australian artist, who has been teaching art to children and adults for over 20 years. She currently teaches at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

Recent Workshops Shana has taught include:

  • Adjunct Lecturer UWA department of fine arts and architecture
  • Penrhos College Workshop
  • One semester teaching printmaking at Central Tafe
  • Kings Park Festival UWA Extension
  • Seton College Teacher Workshop Copper Etching
Shana James

Shana James working in her studio

She started Art Upskill because she is passionate about art education and often had teachers,looking to gain practical visual art skills, in her normal adult art classes.

Seeing a need in the teaching community, Shana  felt she could cater to these teachers better in an environment which was dedicated to their needs. Her art upskill workshops are tailored to the Australian National Curriculum and  include lesson ideas, skill building and practical tips on classroom management when implementing those ideas.

Shana was recently chosen by Murdoch University in conjunction with the Department for the Arts and the Department of Education as the Pool Artist in the Air Commission Project teaching Murdoch’s Primary Teaching  Educations students.

Shana’s artwork can be found in the Collections of Kerry Stokes, The WA Ministry of Culture and the Arts, Artbank and the Water Authority.

Art Upskill


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