Art Teacher  Basics Drawing, Painting & Colour Mixing


Date:7th March 2015

Time:10am -5pm

Venue: The Melville Recreation Centre

Total Cost $165 per person

Lunch and Art Materials Included


I Day Intensive – designed for generalist primary teachers with little or no background in the visual arts.

Workshop includes:

  • Drawing expressively
  • Drawing with accuracy
  • Line quality and mark making
  • Tools and Techniques for drawing accurately
  • Stop wasting paint, understand which colours you need to buy, and what can be easily mixed, to get the most out of a limited budget
  • Paintbrush techniques and textures
  • Understand different products. What is the difference between acrylic and tempera, ink and watercolour?
  • Cross curricular opportunities
  • Lesson ideas

Please note this workshop is a prerequisite for all level 2 workshops

Stay tuned for course descriptions level 2 workshops. Here are the titles:

  • Level 2 Drawing learning techniques with different media , Ink, pastel, charcoal,
  • Level 2 Learn to make a Pop-up Book including cross curricular opportunities with literacy lessons
  • Level 2Concertina Book and graphic novel
  • Level 2 Printmaking in the classroom monoprinting, scratchfoam, relief prints

Art Upskill




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